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Tripple protection, regeneration and joint pain relief natural formula FLEXOVITALIS, from Europe!

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Why does joint pain occur?

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Pain always indicates important changes in the body. Sadly, we mostly just try to eliminate the pain without paying attention to what caused it. Once the pain is gone, we tend to forget we ever had a problem, but sometimes pain reoccurs and then it is crucial to look deeper into the problem and find out what caused it.

Pain can be divided to acute and chronic pain. Both types of pain reduce the quality of life; the first one on a short-term and the second one repeatedly and on long-term basis. Nobody wants to experience pain, neither acute nor chronic.

Pain can be caused by many different factors and all of them can be very serious indicators that there is something wrong with our body. So if you feel any kind of pain, consulting a doctor is always recommended.

Wear and tear, illnesses, rheumatic diseases, injuries, as well as hard and intensive sports activities can all be a cause of pain. Sometimes pain is caused by a combination of different factors such as the absence of warm-up before training, weather conditions, wrong diet, dehydration, irregular breathing, bad posture etc.

The causes of pain are not always physical. Pain can also be caused by absence of happiness, fun, safety, peace and relaxation or too much worrying, anger, sadness, shocks and concerns; all these emotions can result in severe pain.

So appreciate your body and do not ignore pain! Find out what caused it! If necessary, see a specialist. Support the proper functioning of your joints with Flexovitalis products and move freely.

Flexovitalis Collatal Ampoules
joint pain relief

Flexovitalis Collatal Ampoules

Collatal ampoules are a natural food supplement in liquid form, which consists of the FORTIGEL® active ingredient and vitamin C. FORTIGEL® contributes to the restoration of articular cartilage, while vitamin C plays an important role in the collagen formation process. Have an active life and forget about joint pain.


The importance of recreational activities

Even though most people are not aware of it, recreational activities are crucial for good physical and mental health of individuals. This might sound contradictory, but if you feel your body lacks energy, you need to get physically active. Physical activity has a very positive impact on the body. But why is everybody talking about the importance of recreational activities?

Let us answer this question by stating a few positive effects of recreational activities, which apply to people of all ages, physical abilities and both genders. Even if you are not exercising regularly and are not a sports enthusiast, you can educate yourself and learn about the purpose and importance of regular exercising and how much you can gain by being physically active.

Physical activities are perfect for reducing stress. Sports achievements boost our self-esteem and strengthen our immune system. Recreation in contrast to our general belief decreases the possibility for potential injuries. It also reduces risk of osteoporosis, improves our brain functions, slows down the aging process and stimulates the release of happiness hormones. And who does not want to be happy?

Pick an activity that suits you best: Sport is a great way to meet new people, strengthen your social bonds or simply take time for yourself. It is very important that you choose an activity that you really like and gradually increase the intensity of your workout. The beginning is always the hardest; this applies to all new activities, but after two weeks of regular moderate exercise, not necessarily on daily basis, your body will start to feel the positive effects of the performed physical activity and any potential beginner’s resistance to sport will soon be history.

The most important thing is that you do not give up! Whatever you do, do not confuse professional sports with recreational activities. The later are mostly meant for relaxation and fun. So find an activity, which you like and can perform throughout the year. You might prefer one single sport or change activities according to season, weather or time period. Perhaps you will have to try out different activities before you find the right one, which is perfectly fine. As long as you are enjoying yourself and are being active, your physical and mental health will improve and prosper. Keep in mind that healthy and happy people tend to live longer.

As you can see there are more than enough reasons for you to start exercising. If you are, however, limited by pain in your joints, listen to your body, adjust your activities and pick exercises, which are suitable for your condition. Many people tend to break off their sports activities and rest when they start experiencing pain. This, however, is not always necessary. You can simply start using Flexovitalis products and improve your condition. With our products you will soon be able to move freely.
Flexovitalis Progel
joint pain relief

Flexovitalis Progel

The Flexovitalis massage gel penetrates deep into the sore spot and creates a feeling of comfort. Treat yourself to a daily dose of welfare and comfort with the carefully selected natural ingredients and essential oils found in our products.

Starting from 18.30€

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is essential for our entire body. In combination with elastin it supports all of our internal organs, gives shape to our tissues and makes them stronger, flexible and more durable.

Lack of collagen causes early aging of the skin and wrinkles. On the skin, which is known as the largest human organ, changes can be quickly and easily spotted in the mirror. Visible changes on the skin motivate people to start using and applying nurturing cosmetic products immediately, but when the changes occur on the inside, in our joints, lungs and blood vessels, we can not see or feel them, until we start experiencing pain.

Enrich your body with extra collagen, so it can function normally. Adding collagen into your body will result in a more elastic skin, shinny hair, stronger nails and better functioning of joints, tissue, muscles etc. Collagen is strongly adviced after injuries, for it provides new cell structures and helps your body to heal.

Flexovitalis products offer collagen in two forms, in form of Collatal Ampoules or Collatal Powder. With Progel you can also nurture your joints externally.
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